Dandi IVF Care Kit


The IVF Care Kit was designed with every step of the IVF injection process in mind. This family of products works together to help with:

  • Hands-free mobility as you go through injections
  • Numbing the skin pre-injection
  • Accuracy of injection site
  • Wearable heat therapy before, during and after injections
  • Soothing massage to treat tender areas post-injection

Designed with fertility doctors and patients to bring care, comfort and peace of mind to every step of the injection process. These kits are:

  • Reimbursable: FSA/HSA eligible (doctor RX or Letter of Necessity recommended)
  • Medically Credible: Fertility-doctor approved
  • Safety First: Premium materials with non-hazardous certifications (Oeko-Tex, CP65, CE)
  • Digital Care: Integrates with virtual care for live injection support.
  • Inclusive: One-size-fits-all (more info in FAQs)