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Botanicalm PM


Our patients who experience occasional insomnia love this non-habit forming gentle herbal supplement, which helps with mild difficulty in falling or staying asleep. (30 capsules)

“Botanicalm PM is a stellar supplement to have on hand if you find yourself occasionally struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep soundly. It is a power pack of 5 active botanicals proven to induce relaxation and transition from an over-stimulated day to a deeply restorative eve. Because we specialize in Chinese medicine here at the Yinova Center, I always like to shoutout Chinese herbal ingredients! Botanicalm PM uses jujube extract which you may know as da zao from your Chinese herbal formulas. Jujube has a wide range of uses, but in this case, it is used to modulate specific neurotransmitters-- GABA and serotonin-- to trigger the brain to relax and settle into sleep. Jujube works with the other ingredients to promote rest and ease, softening anxiety and having a rejuvenating night's sleep. Sweet dreams.”  Kate Reil DACM